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Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide mental wellness support through counselling and therapy and other mediums for families and individuals that are affected by Sickle Cell Disease. 

Along with traditional therapy and counselling options, The Essenelle Foundation will include service user’s access to wellness courses, life coaching, and other forms of therapy, i.e. Art, Music, and Yoga. 
We also have tools that are readily available to help you understand and overcome common issues faced by both warriors and their keepers. From Anxiety to PTSD our aim is to provide help as quickly as possible.

The Foundation

We know that the hurdles aren't just internal, so we will be working very hard to educate establishments like Councils, Hospitals, Schools and places of employment to educate on best practices,  to create policies that are mandatory for businesses or service providers to adhere to in support of anyone affected by SCD.

We will also aim to hold yearly review sessions with schools/universities to discuss concerns, policy updates and establish any procedures necessary to protect the health and academic development for all students with SCD.

We aim to work with brands to create campaigns that are impactful and direct awareness toward mental wellness and aid in the education within establishments.

Black & White Portrait of an Attractive
Image by madison lavern


To create a space where both warriors and their keepers are supported no matter where they are.

To empower the Sickle Cell community. To validate and support all those who are affected and to see better emotional balance within individuals and their family dynamic.

Yoga Instructor

Get Involved

To fulfil our mission, we need your support. All donations are greatly appreciated and will help us work towards fulfilling our mission. 

It's not all about the money. You can help us by spreading awareness, donating an item to raffle, collaborating on a campaign, we are always open to hear and support your ideas and initiatives.

"We believe all warriors and their keepers have the right to mental health and wellness support."

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