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Keeper | Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia: School Policy

Education, Health & Care, a guide to School Policy produced in 2011 on the basis of research funded by the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council (RES‐000‐23‐1486) a research grant held by Simon Dyson, Lorraine Culley and Sue Dyson (De Montfort University); Karl Atkin (University of York) and Jack Demaine (Loughborough University).

Education, Health and Care in Schools

This booklet has been produced based on research examining the experiences of young people with sickle cell disorder in schools in England. An important part of school inclusiveness is recognising the importance of offering care to young people with long‐standing illness, particularly since a major part of childhood is spent in attending school. Section 100 of the 2014 Children and Families Act in England places a duty on the appropriate school authority (for example, board of governors or proprietor), who must make arrangements for supporting pupils at the school with medical conditions. Pupils with sickle cell disorder or thalassaemia come under this legislation and guidance.

Download PDF below:

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